Ship finance

F.A. Vinnen & Co. in its almost 200 years of existence has always developed innovative concepts for ship finance and has implemented these together with partners. Ship share models have a long tradition in shipping. To cover the need for high equity that is required in the finance of ships, merchants have come together to finance vessels jointly in order to participate in the great financial chances that shipping can offer. In Germany the scheme of "Partenreederei" came up. Investors acquire shares (= Parten) in a vessel and delegate the operations and chartering to a ship owner who usually also holds shares in that vessel.

From this scheme that is still being used within the Wünsche group through Reederei Vinnen, the German KG-Model has been developed. In funds under the KG-Model an investor can limit his risk to the amount actually invested. In cooperation with renowned capital houses F.A. Vinnen & Co. initiates shipping funds that are offered to a wide public. The introduction of a tonnage tax scheme in Germany in 1999 has further strengthened the profitability of the investments as dividends can be earned by investors on a tax-free basis. Through this private investors can participate in the high earning potential of international container shipping with an investment starting at € 10.000. All this accounts also for foreign investors as long as a treaty on double taxation exists between the country of residence and Germany. Please contact us for more details.